February 12, 2016 1 min read

Now a Word about the Next Step in Building a Healthy Gut

The dreaded “D” word, DIET… yes, we know the first three letters spell DIE but seriously!

This is not an all encompassing diet post but there are some very simple and very easy steps to help build a healthy canvas for your microbiome to flourish. Doing these steps will help the supplements that you take, and the probiotic rich foods that you eat, have a real boost in establishing that healthy microbiome you need for a healthy life.

First, unless medically required (IMPORTANT), do try to cut back on antibiotic and germicide products… including mouthwashes, cleansers and such. If you don’t really and truly need them then they are doing you more harm than good.

Next, probiotics in your gut LOVE fiber. You can Google “prebiotics” for more information, but there are great fiber foods (asparagus, garlic, leeks, bananas to name a few) that provide fiber that probiotics THRIVE on. You should add these to your diet and perhaps even consider a prebiotic supplement.

Finally, try to limit sugars, simple carbohydrates and difficult food additive that one cannot even pronounce. Fruit juices, sugary yogurts and cereals, white bread… you know the culprits. If you can’t eliminate them, try your best to make them treats and not daily buddies.

The last step will help establish a more balanced environment for the probiotics to flourish… plus you might even be pleased when you step on the scale!


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