How Oral Bacteria Causes Bad Breath

How Probiotics Work To Control Bad Breath

RULE: The primary source of chronic bad breath is the “Volatile Sulfur Compounds” produced by bacteria and so the effective control of these bacteria is the solution.

Clinical tests support this statement. One such test, using a lozenge containing S. Salivarius K12 (one of our key ingredients) demonstrated that this oral probiotic strain could significantly reduce VSC levels in 85% of the test subjects!

Several means by which probiotics work to control bad breath:

One, the probiotics compete with the existing bad bacteria and reduce their presence by “crowding them out”

Two, the probiotics produce BLIS or “bacteriocin-like-inhibitory-substances” which is a technical way of stating that one probiotic strain (bacteria) can produce a substance that inhibits or kills off other bacteria. Three, by working to control gingivitis, gum disease and tooth decay these probiotics reduce the very sources of bacteria-generated odors in the mouth.