The Fundamental Theory of the Use of Probiotics and Oral Health

What are some important facts to know about our probiotics?

  • Getting regualr probiotics to "stick" to the site of adhesion can be difficult.
  • We solved this problem by using only probiotics with a proven record for solid adhesion and by formulating our tablets with ingredients to assist the adhesion process.
  • These ingredients may taste chalky to some, however it makes our probiotics more effective than other brands.
  • While most gut-residing probiotics regenrate naturally, oral probiotics must continue to be taken to be effective.
  • Because of this , it's important to include oral probiotics as an ongoing routine.
  • Eventually your mouth should recover its baseline healthiness and enter into the maintance phase. This can take anywhere from three months to over ayear depending on severity.
  • Once in the maintenance phase, the dosage of oral probiotics can be stepped down, but if the probiotivs are stopped altogether, the harmful bacteria may begin to take over once again.