The Great Oral Health System

THE TREMENDOUS TRIO! Take charge of your oral health with our advanced collection of natural and holistic products.

YOUR ORAL MICROBIOME: Restore and renew your oral bacterial balance, naturally driving out the bad bacteria and recolonizing with healthy bacteria to support superior oral health and overall wellness.

MINERALIZE YOUR ENAMEL: Loaded with a patented blend of nano-hydroxyapatite, and many other healthy ingredients, our toothpaste is a potent way to strengthen your enamel, protect against cavities and powerfully reduce sensitivity.

CONTROL BACTERIAL OVERGROWTH: Our natural blend of essential oils provides a safe and effective way to control the overgrowth of bad bacteria while supporting fresher breath

CHARCOAL BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH: Soft bristled, natural and sustainable

Conveniently packaged for delivering every 2 months, our subscription plan makes sure that you have what you need, when you need it. 

BONUS GIFTS: With your subscription you will receive a bonus gift of one of our fabulous stainless steel tongue cleaners, our e-book guide to oral health and of course all of the email support you need to get the most out of our system!