International Purchases

How to Purchase Great Oral Health Products
For International Buyers

Our website shop primarily offers sales and shipping within the United States. We have recently added shipping zones to Canada, Australia and Mexico. And, it is still possible to obtain our products from most countries throughout the world.

For UK Customers, we currently have our advanced oral probiotics available on Amazon UK (MINT FLAVOR ONLY). Also available in the UK are our kids oral probiotics, our OraRestore Tooth and Gum Oil and our mineralizing, sensitivity holistic toothpaste.

For many European customers, you can order off of Amazon UK. However, in this post-Brexit world there can be added VAT and customs to pay. Please see below for more information on ordering from us directly.

We are working on entering Amazon DE in the near future and may also make our products available directly from our website as well. Look for this opportunity in late 2021 or early 2022.

We recently set up shipping zones for Canada, Australia and Mexico. There is a minimum purchase amount and a flat shipping fee. We always recommend ordering enough for 3-months as shipping can be slow to overseas destinations.

For the rest of the world, our fulfillment center can generally arrange shipment. Your order is set up by emailing us and and letting us know what you want to order and the shipping address. We then create an order, send this order/invoice to you and then we take payment via PayPal–although in some cases you can use your credit card as well. (We do not charge for or handle any customs or VAT charges that your country may impose, these are generally handled by the recipient.)

Shipping times do vary, but due to the global pandemic the idea of speedy delivery times has pretty much vanished. You can expect delivery times of weeks and not days. That being said, we are happy to do our best to service you.

Simply email us at info@greatoralhealth.comto let us know what you are interested in ordering. We do advise that you order adequate quantities as larger orders are cheaper overall when you consider shipping costs and we try to offer discounts as well.

Thank you for your interest and we will do our best to assist you achieve great oral health!

NOTE: We do also sell on eBay and they have excellent international shipping programs. In this case, we pay for the shipping to their international shipping center and eBay will bill you for the overseas shipment as well as the VAT and Customs fees.