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A quick word on probiotic supplements or supplementation

While arguably one could rebuild their gut with dietary changes and the introduction of probiotic friendly fibers and foods, the truth is that our modern lives, diets and medicines have stripped our guts of friendly bacteria and encouraged the heavy overgrowth of other bacteria… resulting in some pretty unhealthy guts and people.

There are many reputable companies out there, but here are some simple guidelines in choosing a probiotic supplement:

1. Make sure it is diverse. Your microbiome has quite a complex variety of bacteria, so rebuilding is helped by introducing more than just one or two strains.
2. The bacteria needs to make it into your intestines. This means through the harsh stomach environment. There are processes and encapsulations that assist in this process, so choose a probiotic supplement that is designed to make it into your gut.
3. Many probiotics require refrigeration to preserve the strength of the live bacteria. In this case make sure that the supplement has been stored properly. There are also probiotic supplements that have been specially manufactured for guaranteed potency at room temperature. “LiveBac” is one such process and is the one we use for our oral probiotics. If you can choose such a probiotic then this will be much more convenient and potentially have a stronger potency.
4. If you have the time, take a moment to research each strain. It’s pretty easy to Google and to get an idea of what each strain is best known for.

Finally, realize that rebuilding a gut could take months, so stick with it. Sometimes, when guts are truly deficient, there can be initial stomach upset and such. Use your judgment and perhaps cut back but do realize that this is a live process and can take time.

As a note: our oral probiotics have SEVEN strains of beneficial bacteria to provide a broader spectrum of benefits, they are manufactured using the LIVEBAC process for longer shelf life, ease of use and guaranteed potency PLUS they are engineered for enhanced adherence to assist in the process of “breaking in” to the microbiomes and biofilms in your mouth.

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