About Great Oral Health


Our Mission to Revolutionize Oral Health


Great Oral Health was founded upon a broad and lofty vision of transforming the field of oral health. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and its level of healthiness has a powerful effect upon your over well being and quality of life.

Concern over the suffering and high costs caused by gum disease, tooth decay and related oral health problems drove us to seek and develop solutions to these problems.

Our aim is to dramatically improve worldwide oral care by introducing truly effective, simple, natural, non-toxic and affordable products.

It will be through the introduction of these innovative and beneficial oral health care products that we will be able to accomplish our mission of making a significant global impact on the epidemic of oral health disease and its related health problems.

To date, several key products are either available or are being developed. As applicable, these are patent-pending and both are based upon his work and studies in the fields of holistic and biological dentistry.

These revolutionary products from Great Oral Health™ are:

  • Advanced Oral Probiotics, a patented formulation and blend of targeted probiotics for the mouth. Designed for effectiveness and super ease of use, this product is a natural and effective approach to true oral health.
  • A revolutionary new form of toothpaste, still in the final stages of development and testing, slated for release in late 2017.
  • A healthy and natural mouthwash rinse that assists in the rebuilding of the mouth and the restoration of fresh breath without harmful chemicals, antibiotics, germ killers or bleaching agents.
  • An all natural, specifically formulated blend of aromatic oils that target bad breath and boost the effectiveness of your toothpaste, this product makes a superb liquid toothpaste as well.
  • Ergonomically designed tongue cleaners, available in both surgical-grade stainless steel and copper.
  • A uniquely designed home ozone machine, ideal for boosting the effectiveness of your oral health regimen.

We feel quite confident that you too will share our excitement and we look forward to exceeding your expectations as well.

Thank you for your time and here is to your Great Oral Health