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Introduction to Great Oral Health

Find out more about our company and our goals for you, and others. In this video, Dr. O'Malley talks about why he started Great Oral Health and developed our natural oral care products.

Dr O'Malley's Journey

Goals, purposes and inspiration are always a good, and senior, motivation to just "making products." Here, Dr. O'Malley talks about his passion and what his motivations are behind Great Oral Health

Probiotics and General Health

In this video, Dr. O'Malley talks about the general health benefits of probiotics and covers a bit about how they work.

Understanding the process and underlying mechanics of a supplement, or diet, is extremely important for the success and effectiveness of any program.

Anatomy of Your Oral Cavity

As they say, "knowledge is power" and so knowing a bit more about the basic structure of your oral cavity is very helpful towards elevating your oral health. Dr. O'Malley a holistic dentist, gives a basic orientation to your mouth and how it functions.

What Are "Bad" Bacteria

The term of BAD BACTERIA can be misunderstood, as often a strain of bacteria is not BAD by itself, but can become unhealthful when it grows out of control, or when other balancing strains of bacteria are missing. Find out more as Dr. O'Malley explains how this phenomena works.

The Cause of Bad Breath

While there can be many reasons for bad breath, the MAIN and primary cause of bad breath is the overgrowth of certain bacteria in your mouth and the byproducts of their life cycle. Find out more about what you can do about chronic bad breath as Dr. O'Malley explains the root causes here.

What Are Oral Probiotics?

While most everyone has heard about probiotics for their gut and body, the idea of oral probiotics is unfamiliar to most. But your oral cavity is a very important part of the body's microbiome so listen in as Dr. O'Malley talks about beneficial bacteria and the world of oral probiotics.

Ear Nose and Throat Infections

Did you know that your mouth's bacterial colonies are an essential part of your immune system and of fighting off colds? Here, Dr. O'Malley talks about how oral probiotics can help prevent ear-nose-throat infections.