Ergonomically Designed Tongue Cleaner


Dr. O's STAINLESS STEEL TONGUE SCRAPER boosts your battle against bad breath. A MUST HAVE addition to your oral hygiene kit! Choose from either the surgical-grade, stainless steel or food-grade copper model, or take both. With carved handles designed for ease of use and improved cleanliness. surface.

NO MOLDY RUBBER HANDLES! Our tongue cleaner is all metal, either stainless steel or copper, making it easy to use and grip and it is even dishwasher safe!

REDUCED GAGGING AND FLEXIBLE! Unlike most other tongue cleaners, it is flexible, ergonomically designed and has been sculpted to reduce the normal gag reflex.

A POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST CHRONIC BAD BREATH! Bacterial buildup in the rear of the tongue, and the gases that they produce, is the NUMBER ONE source of bad breath. By following a daily routine of tongue scraping you can bring this bacterial overgrowth under control.

DENTIST DESIGNED AND RECOMMENDED! Cleaning your tongue as part of your oral hygiene regimen, is comfortable, quick and effective with this scraper. Stainless steel and/or copper is more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic is and adding this tool to your oral hygiene kit will be a great choice!

FOR BEST RESULTS add our oral probiotics and tooth oil drops to your oral hygiene arsenal. This will complete your kit to attack bad breath, prevent tooth decay and receding gums.

OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE: We care about our customers and guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. CONTACT US and we will take care of you!

Information on Tongue Scrapers

One concept in Ayurvedic medicine is the word “AMA” which literally means “uncooked or undigested” and it refers broadly to toxic residues. In the case of tongue scraping, this refers to removing the build up of foods, bacteria and toxic residue from the surface of the tongue.

 So, from ancient times to modern medicine, this concept of cleansing carries through. Your tongue may appear smooth to the eye but it is actually a rough, pebbly surface that is full of pockets and crevices where bacteria like to hang out. This is particularly towards the back of the tongue, as here they are undisturbed and there is less oxogen which is ideal for the growth of certain “bad” bacteria.

 Daily cleaning and scraping of the tongue is highly beneficial for the removal of toxins, undigested foods and for the control of bacterial buildup.

This is of particular benefit to chronic bad breath sufferers. The major source of bad breath can be traced to bacterial buildup in the rear of the tongue. These particular bacteria release truly yucky gases (called VSCs, or Volatile Sulphur Compounds) that create obnoxious bad breath.

 Mouthwashes, and such, can temporarily mask the odor, but only controlling the bacterial overgrowth can bring about stable, lasting results.

 Another benefit includes improved taste and flavor appreciation as you remove the excess buildup on your tongue.

And, as your mouth is the prime gateway to your body, improving its health and vigor then can lead to better health overall.

Daily tongue cleaning, together with a supplementation of our oral probiotics, will work to control bacterial overgrowth while building a healthy and balanced ecology in your mouth.

About Our Tongue Cleaner

Our tongue cleaners have a proprietary design that was created by a holistic dentist.

Its comfortable and ergonomic feel was purposefully laid out to make it easy to grip, easy to control the pressure on the tongue and with a angled blade that reduces and softens the gag reflex.

We offer two types of tongue scrapers: one constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel and the other made from food-grade copper. Both are machined to the highest standards and will last for a lifetime of care.

Ayurvedic practices generally prefer copper tongue cleaners. In no small part, this is due to the use of copper for centuries to fight bacteria and as a microbial agent. This knowledge came about from the practical observation that water stored in copper containers tasted cleaner and was unlikely to develop slime. Modern research confirms many of these statements and has also shown that copper, in moderation, is an essential mineral for good health.

However, with so many other modes of bacterial control in our modern world, the need for copper’s bacterial control may not be as essential as it was in olden times. So, there are many users that prefer the look, feel and durability of our surgical-grade stainless steel scraper.

Either of these tongue cleaners will do the job, it is a preference. They are relatively inexpensive, so if in doubt we recommended buying one of each and alternate use until a preference is established. Then keep the winner in your bathroom and put “second place” into a travel kit.

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