How to Use Our Oral Probiotics for Better Oral Health and to Stop Bad Breath?

Best way to Use Our Oral Probiotics at Inital Phase:

If you have long-term chronic bad breath or more advanced oral health conditions, we recommend an initial phase of 30 days.

During this time we suggest a double dose of our oral probiotics. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

This “doubling up” is important in order to rapidly colonize and populate your mouth with the beneficial microorganisms in our formulation.

It takes this extra introduction of the beneficial strains to establish themselves in the biofilm and throughout your mouth. The twice daily routine helps get that job done.

NOTE: To "supercharge" this process, and for ongoing fresher breath and healthier gums, use a drop or two of our OraRestore Tooth and Gum oil throughout the day, as needed. Our proprietary oil will inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and this assists the beneficial oral probiotics to colonize and dominate.

Ongoing Use Oral Probiotics to stop bad breath

Once you have passed the 30 day mark, then you can reduce intake to once daily and this should be at bedtime.

It is best to take the probiotics at night, before hitting the sack. This allows for an extended period of time where the probiotics won’t be disturbed by food or drink–giving them the opportunity to colonize.

The probiotics should be taken AFTER all brushing, flossing, rinsing, drinking, tongue scraping… you get the idea.

We highly recommend using our OraRestore Tooth and Gum Oil throughout the day, and in the morning when you awake. This will BOOST the effectiveness of the oral probiotics as its use inhibits the growth of the bad bacteria, giving the good bacteria an easier path to colonization.

USAGE Tips For Great Oral Health 

Taking our probiotics are very simple and the guidelines are easy. They all follow the basic idea that you are introducing LIVE and BENEFICIAL bacteria into your mouth, so they need a touch of gentleness and care. Powerful, chemical mouthwashes, gargling directly after and so forth will disturb their growth.

Let the probiotic tablets, as they dissolve, stay in your mouth for up to a minute. You can chew or dissolve, either works, but give them a chance to populate.

After, you can either swallow the "mix" or spit it out. It won't do much, if any good, for your gut so swallowing is just a convenience. In fact, a very few people are sensitive to probiotics, so if this is the case, then just be sure to spit it out to avoid any intestinal distress.

Don’t eat, drink, brush or rinse out your mouth for a minimum of 30 minutes after taking the oral probiotics.

Avoid powerful, antibacterial mouthwashes as these will kill the good and the bad.

Use some restraint with Xylitol products in terms of taking them at the same time as the oral probiotics. Xylitol is excellent at bacterial control and in small doses will not present a problem or inhibit the effectiveness of the oral probiotics. Just don't overdo it.

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