Dental Probiotics – Mint Flavor with BLIS K12 & M18

  • ATTACK BAD BREATH AT ITS SOURCE: The primary source of chronic bad breath are the gases released by certain bacteria in your mouth, primarily the back of the tongue.
  • RESTORE A HEALTHY, NON-ACIDIC PH TO YOUR MOUTH: Overgrowth of "bad" bacteria produces unhealthy levels of acid in your mouth.
  • REDUCE EAR-NOSE-THROAT INFECTIONS: Clinical tests have shown that oral probiotics can lower the incidence of these infections.
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY, STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM: A healthy balance of bacteria has been shown to really boost the body's ability to ward off illnesses, infections and disease.
  • DENTIST FORMULATED BLEND of seven stains of powerful beneficial bacteria
  • 100% MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. Made to exacting standards in a premier manufacturing facility
  • GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, NO SOY, WHEAT OR SUGAR AND SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. Our oral probiotics are 100% FLUORIDE AND BLEACH FREE. All natural ingredients with NO artificial flavors or sweeteners.