Understanding Keto Breath, What Causes It and How to Handle It

September 27, 2020

Understanding Keto Breath, What Causes It and How to Handle It

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What exactly is keto breath?

While bad breath is unpleasant in any form, keto comes from a different source than most chronic bad breath. And it has a different smell and “taste.”

Most chronic bad breath is caused by bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. This type of bad breath has a really stinky odor, quite often smelling like rotten eggs due to the sulfur gas given off by the bacteria.

But keto breath has a smell that some people compare to nail polish remover together with an unpleasant fruity odor. Often people experience a metallic taste in their mouths as well. And while not everyone on keto diets experience this, it is a good sign that the diet is working and that your body is in ketosis.

What causes keto breath? When you shift your diet over to a super low-carb intake you force your body to stop those fast-burning carbs for fuel and to start breaking down fat for fuel. This process produces byproducts known as “ketones” which the body gets rid of by urination and breathing. One type of ketone, actually the simplest ketone, is called “acetone” which might sound familiar as it is the main ingredient in nail polish remover. Acetone has a very powerful and sharp smell which is associated with keto breath.

The good news is that keto breath generally goes away as your body adjusts to its new diet and its shift to burning fats instead of sugars.

But, while you have it, keto breath can be pretty annoying and unpleasant, especially if combined with even a light case of bacterial foul mouth.

Keto Breath Remedies and Solutions

  • Play with your carb levels and diet: Although it might seem to defeat the purpose of your keto diet, raising your carb intake can improve the situation. Especially If you are on hyper-low levels of carbs, you can experiment with raising your daily carb intake by 5 grams to see if your breath improves. Keep upping the intake, slowly, till your body responds. You might even find that a reasonable boost in daily carbs is more sustainable over the long run.
  • Hydrate, hydrate and then hydrate some more: Your body needs to get rid of those ketones, plus it needs lots of water to process the protein and fats. By upping your water intake, you will speed up the process of “peeing out” all those ketones, so less stink and smell. In addition, a big factor in the formation of bad breath is dry mouth, low saliva production. By staying hydrated, your body will produce more saliva and this keeps your mouth fresher and healthier.
  • Consider cutting back on protein: The over consumption of protein can not only be hard on your body, but the body gives off ammonia when digesting protein. Ammonia can contribute to foul keto breath and would be a sign that you are eating too much protein.
  • Maintain good oral health care: It almost goes without saying that if bad breath is a problem, then you should be taking good care of your teeth, gums and tongue. Brush twice daily and floss as well. Use a soft brush to gently clean the back of your tongue as well.
  • Freshen your breath, while controlling the growth of “stinky” bacteria:Mint is one of the most powerful deodorizing agents for bad breath BUT you don’t want to use it from sugary treats or chemical-laden mouthwashes. Plus, adding sugar to your diet is NOT at all what you want to do on a keto diet (or any diet, for that matter).The trick to eliminating bad breath is to combine breath freshening along with bacterial control. 

A Super Product for Natural Breath Freshening and Bacterial Control

Looking for a great product that does just that? Check out our OraRestore all-natural tooth & gum oil.  It was researched and formulated to freshen your breath with a blend of natural oils that also work to inhibit the growth of odor-forming bacteria. It is very easy to use, just a couple drops on the tongue or rubbed on the teeth, and convenient to carry with you to work, to the gym, to restaurants, traveling or just to keep at home.

The added benefit to all of this is not just fresher breath but actually a much healthier mouth as well. By controlling the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth you are also inhibiting the formation of cavities and tackling one of the major causes of gum disease.

Not a bad deal for just a few drops a day!

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