Finding My Purpose as a Holistic Dentist

April 12, 2019 5 min read

Having a Purpose or Mission in Life, and in Work, Means More than Money

“Well, OK Doc, I guess we just have to pull ‘em all out and go with false teeth then… “

These words came out of the mouth of a young man in his early 20’s. This case really shook my world as a dentist. 

After time spent living, working and practicing as a dentist in the somewhat rural area of West Texas, I was used to having to replace bad teeth with bridges or full-sets of false teeth in the older population set. But this was a young man that should be in the absolute prime of his life.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that traditional dentistry could offer him but to pull all of his teeth and have him spend the rest of his life with the discomfort and setbacks of false teeth.

This moment changed the course of my life and my entire stance as a dentist.

I had come out of Dental school and dived into building my practice in West Texas. I boomed the practice and grew it from one office into multiple offices. I bought the big house and was living out the dentist dream that I thought was mine to achieve.

But cases like this young man, and many others, began to trouble me. I began to question if this was what I wanted or was supposed to do… to fix dental problems and basically be a tooth repair man.

I came to realize that this was not my purpose. I then decided to sell the practice and do whatever it took to learn how to really solve the problem of poor oral health.

I left West Texas and moved to California, seeking to learn and discover how I could help people to achieve a higher level of oral health–and the wellness that came along with that. I knew that I wanted to be more than just a successful dentist and business owner. I wanted to be a healer and a bringer of change.

In California, I first spent time working with a very high-end Beverly Hills dentist that specialized in full mouth restorations and cosmetic dentistry. I had hoped to learn here what it took to restore a mouth to its full functionality and health. I did learn how to create beautiful smiles and near perfect cosmetic dentistry. But I also learned that rich or poor alike, people were all suffering from poor oral health.

Despite all of our advances in dentistry and oral care, the problem of oral health disease was still what the Surgeon General termed a “silent epidemic” in America. I felt there had to be a better way.

Now, to condense the next many years in my life. I went off on my own as a dentist and opened a very small and personalized practice. My aim and mission was to learn everything I could about holistic dentistry and related pathways to healing.

And, if you are reading this then you probably already know that healing your mouth is not just about saving your teeth and gums. Oral disease has been linked to a long list of serious health conditions; from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer’s and even to emotional depression. The toxins from your mouth can and do spread body wide, creating chronic inflammation and triggering immune system response, all of which then contribute to worsened state of overall health. If you want a healthy body and happier life, then you must have a healthy mouth.

Over time, and with study, I came to realize that there was one dominant factor in poor oral health. Bacterial overgrowth, imbalances and even missing bacteria were at the root of most all oral health disease.

It did not really matter if this problem was the result of genetic predispositions, the overuse of antibiotics (including anti-bacterial dental products, such as mouthwashes), from environmental toxins or from our modern diets–the answer lay in restoring a healthy balance of bacteria in a person’s mouth.

A restored and healthy balance of bacteria is not only a natural pathway to good oral health, but it is a “round the clock” treatment that allows the body’s natural systems to now heal and repair–rather than being on the constant defense against the destructive forces of bacterial overgrowth.

What happens, in very simple terms, is that certain naturally occurring bacteria will overgrow. They crowd out other bacteria, then they produce byproducts, such as acid and plaque, that eat away at your teeth and gums. Soon pockets and cavities develop, inflammation takes place, toxins leak into your blood system, systemic health issues set in and, well, none of this is a recipe for health and happy living.

Brushing, flossing and oral care continue to be very important–as they disrupt the bacterial growth cycle. But these are only temporary solutions as bacteria are super-survivors (bacteria has even been found living on the OUTSIDE of the International Space Station!). Killing off bacteria with toothpastes and mouthwashes is most always a bad solution–as you are killing the good with the bad.

I found that the real solution to great oral health lies with colonizing beneficial bacteria into the oral cavity. This process then naturally crowds out and controls the overgrowth of other strains and corrects the bacterial imbalance found in unhealthy mouths.

This process is not an overnight, instant solution (remember it takes YEARS to create an unhealthy mouth and gum disease). It is a natural solution that can bring lasting results and provide real support not only for a healthy ecosystem in your mouth but also provides support for overall good health and well being.

And so I spent years researching and developing a highly effective blend of oral probiotics with seven strains of bacteria that are beneficial for your mouth. This patented product is designed to provide the effective support you need for optimal oral health and the body’s healing process.

To boost the effectiveness of the oral probiotics, I wanted to create a product to provide ongoing support to the bacterial colonization process. I formulated a natural oral treatment that helps to control and target the bad bacteria without killing off the good guys. This is our OraRestore essential oil blend and should be used along with my patented formulation of oral probiotics.

Well, this is my story… or at least its beginning, and I hope that it has brought valuable information as well as inspiration to your life. Our product is available on Amazon and also on our website;

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Paul O'Malley DDS






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