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September 05, 2022 3 min read

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Do you wonder are your Teeth bones? Are teeth bones? Most people think that teeth are bones, but teeth are not actually bones. Both contain calcium, which is essential for bone growth. Your bones and teeth can store more than 99.9% of your body's calcium but your blood contains approximately 1%. Despite these differences, the composition of teeth and bones is quite different. These differences affect how they heal and how they should care for.

What Are Teeth Made Out Of?

Do you know what are your teeth made out of? Although they look similar to bones, the teeth are quite different. The enamel is the outer layerof your tooth. This is one of the protective layers of teeth that covers and protects your teeth. The dentin layer of the teeth is the middle layers of a teeth composed of living cells that secrete hard minerals substance. The pulp is the innermost layer of every tooth and the living core. The pulp is composed of blood and nerves. You should take care of your tooth to maintain good oral hygiene.



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What Are The Bones Made Of?

Bones are living tissue. They are made up of protein, collagen, and calcium phosphate. This allows bones to be strong and flexible.

Collagen acts as a scaffolding, providing the framework for bone structure. Calcium fills in the gaps. The bone's interior has a honeycomb structure. These are called Trabecular bones. Cortical bone covers the trabecular bone.

Bones are living tissue and, therefore, can grow and regenerate. 

Do Teeth Have Bone Marrow? 

Marrow is also found in bones, which can produce blood cells, but Marrow is not present in teeth.  Although the red center of a tooth may resemble marrow,  this living portion of the tooth is known as dental pulp. Dental pulp is made up of nerves, veins, and arteries 


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Are Teeth Considered To Be Bones?

No, teeth are not considered to be bones. Teeth are a calcified structure that contains enamel, dentin, pulp, and cementum. Although teeth and bones share some similarities, such as containing calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals, they have different functions and structures. Bones provide support and protection for the body's organs, produce blood cells, and store minerals, while teeth are used for biting and chewing food and aid in speech.

Teeth vs Bone

One of the most important differences between bones and teeth is their ability to heal. Your body can heal a broken bone in a matter of minutes. The collagen in the soft tissue surrounding the fractured bone can be regenerated and form hard tissues or calluses. This creates new bone tissue.

But the Broken teeth don't have the ability to regenerate. Your enamel will not heal if it is chipped or cracked. The same applies to cavities. If your tooth develops decay, the new enamel won't grow back to replace the damaged or decayed portion.

Why Are Teeth Not Considered Bones?

Teeth and bones are hard, but we cannot consider teeth as bones. Teeth are very different from the bones of the body.

Teeth are composed of calcium and phosphorus, as well as other minerals. While bones contain calcium, phosphorus, salt, and other minerals, most of them are made up of the protein collagen, a living and growing tissue that gives bones a flexible framework that can withstand pressure. Calcium fills the gap around the framework, making the bone strong enough for the body to support its weight. However, bones are not as strong and durable as teeth.


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Difference Between Teeth and Bones




  • Made mostly from inorganic material
  • Most of the tissue is made from living tissue
  • Do not contain bone marrow
  • Produces bone marrow, which is what creates blood cells
  • Broken teeth can't  grow
  • When broken, immediately begin to heal
  • Do not grow with your body
  • Change and grow with your body


It's Time to Pay Attention!


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You may don’t know that are your teeth bones. Although teeth and bones may look the same but they are very different. If you are experiencing decay, cracks, or fractures, it is important to choose oral health products.


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