Welcome to Great Oral Health

Your oral health is so much more than just a pretty smile (although that counts for a lot!)

Gum disease and bacterial overgrowth in the mouth have been linked to severe health issues, from heart disease to diabetes, and the loss of teeth so prevalent in older Americans is no joking matter. Not only is it extremely expensive to replace teeth, the loss in quality of life is grossly underestimated… until you lose your teeth.

With oral disease being called the "silent epidemic" by a Surgeon General, we felt that is was time to do something effective. Our approach is guided by examining the natural healing processes and systems that are found in nature and in your own body. Then, we examined and explored how to best support and encourage those processes, working with your body and with nature to bring about true oral health.

It is not about just saving your teeth, but about building a healthy mouth that brings greater fulfillment, joy and vigor to your life. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, its condition can greatly determine your quality of life and your state of health.  

Our oral probiotics work to build a strong and healthy foundation for your mouth, gums and teeth. Fight off decay, periodontal disease, bad breath and even build powerful immune support all while creating a healthy environment that encourages natural healing and restoration.

Our other current, and future, products will all be there to help you to lead a better life and to bring that improvement to your family, friends and to your entire circle of life.

Here's towards your own, personal great oral health and better life!