Ear, Nose and Throat Health

Oral Probiotics for Improved Ear, Nose and Throat Health

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Studies have shown a very significant reduction in ear infections, throat infections and tonsillitis among children and adults with recurring infections. The most noted reductions were in the occurrence of strep throat and tonsillitis.

The tests used a specific probiotic, Streptococcus Salivarius K12, known for its oral probiotic benefits (this is one of the probiotics in our formula and “K12” is just a number chosen to specify a unique strain). In this case the K12 probiotic strain was found by researchers in New Zealand and was originally isolated in the mouth of a child with unusually good oral health.


Oral Probiotic Study One

In one test, 40 adults with a history of strep throat infections and/or tonsillitis were split into two groups. For 90 days, one group was given a supplement containing S. Salivarius K12 and the control group was not given this supplement.

Afterwards, for 6 months, the researchers tracked the health of each adult.

  • The group that received oral probiotic supplementation saw an 80% reduction in strep throat infections and tonsillitis.
  • The control group saw no change over the six months.
  • With no harmful side effects amongst the probiotic recipients and a dramatic decrease in strep throat and tonsillitis, the researchers concluded that the use of oral probiotic S. Salivius K12 to be useful in the reduction of these throat infections.

There were no negative side effects reported from the oral probiotic treatment. Nor were there any drop-outs among the oral probiotic group.

Oral Probiotic Study Two

Another 90-day study was done on 82 young children. Of this group a total of 65 children had recently been diagnosed with an ear or throat infection.

45 of the children were given supplements containing the oral probiotic S. Salivarius K12, the remainder were not.

As in Test One, the groups were tracked for a six-month follow-up period.

By the end of the full test 4 children in the supplementation group had dropped out.

The results were similar to the test done on adults.

  • Over the six-month period the 41 remaining children given oral probiotic supplementation had a 90% reduction in throat infections and a 40% reduction in ear infections.
  • Needless to say, the researchers concluded that the use of S. Salivarius K12 was effective for the reduction of the throat and ear infections tested for. (These were streptococcal pharyngeal infections, tonsillitis and acute otitis media)

Other Oral Probiotic Studies on the Nose and Sinuses

Studies have also been done on the effectiveness of probiotics to combat pathogenic bacteria in the nose/sinus/respiratory tract.

The results showed a reduction in the presence of certain tested bacteria.

Other tests on mice, whom were administered probiotics via an inhalant device, produced a significant improvement in the sinuses of the mice.

While we await further, more extensive clinical trials on humans, the underlying theory and initial results are quite promising and support the beneficial support that oral probiotics can provide to ear-nose-throat infections.

As your mouth and nasal passages are the primary gateways to your body, it makes sense to provide these entry paths with the support that they need to protect your health and the health of your family. We have strong hopes that future studies will give further support to the use of oral probiotics to improve your health and to help in the prevention of nose, sinus and ear infections.