The Fresh Breath Bundle: Oral Probiotics and Bacteria Inhibiting Essential Oil Blend


Our Fresh Breath Bundle to Maintaining Dental Health Work Efficiently Because Our two products work together to synergistically boost the effectiveness of each product. In other words, using these together is a smart move for even faster results!

The primary cause of most oral health issues (such as bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay) lies with bacteria. As the bacterial balance in your mouth becomes unhealthy, the problems start. 

Our advanced oral probiotic multi-strain formulation populates your mouth with beneficial bacteria. As the beneficial bacteria colonizes your mouth, they crowd out (and even kill off) the harmful bacteria. Overtime a healthy balance returns to your mouth. This supports the healing process and restores a more natural environment.

Our OraRestore tooth and gum treatment uses a proprietary blend of natural oils and flavorings to combat bacterial overgrowth in your mouth. Unlike most oral antibacterial products, our tooth and gum oil targets the more harmful bacteria in your mouth, with a minimal effect on the good guys. This useful product is perfect for bacterial control after meals and drinking. It is one of the most effective natural bad breath treatment products available.

We recommend using the all-natural OraRestore Oil during the day for bacterial control and then taking our advanced Oral Probiotics at bedtime–to bring healthy bacteria into your oral cavity.

Together this dynamic duo makes for a powerful in restoring great oral health, naturally!

Enamel safe

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