Dental Oral Probiotics with BLIS K12 & M18 – STRAWBERRY/VANILLA Flavor

Why Our Patented 7-Strain Formulation Oral Probiotics?

Your mouth is a complex world and its health depends in no small part on an active, well balanced ecology of bacteria.

Stress, sugars, drugs, environmental challenges, ongoing use of antibiotics and even genetic predispositions can all contribute to imbalances in your bacteria. As certain bacteria overgrow and others go AWOL then health issues come about. Gum disease, tooth decay, chronic bad breath and even a susceptibility to ear-nose-throat infections can all be caused by bacterial overgrowth, imbalances or missing bacterial strains. 

The answer is not in wiping out bacteria with drugs and antibiotics (severe or acute infections excluded) but by restoring a healthy balance to your oral bacterial ecology.


Our patented blend of oral probiotics were researched and developed by a renown holistic dentist. Understanding the need for a variety of bacteria to create a potent and effective synergistic blend, he created a SEVEN STRAIN formulation. In addition, this formulation contains two key minerals that work to remineralize and repair your teeth during the healing process.

Toothpaste, mouthwash, tongue scrapers are great but may not be enough. Our oral probiotics work to naturally control the aggressive overgrowth of bacteria that promote tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. Our powerful oral probiotic blend is designed to fight back by naturally colonizing your mouth with beneficial bacteria that crowds out the “bad”, inhibits the growth of the unwanted strains and balances the pH levels.


ATTACK BAD BREATH AT ITS SOURCE: The primary source of chronic bad breath are the gases released by certain bacteria in your mouth, primarily the back of the tongue. Our oral probiotic blend goes to work, 24/7, to knock out and inhibit the growth of this bad bacteria, thus knocking out the problem at its root source. The second source of chronic bad breath is the rot and toxins found in unhealthy gums and teeth. By rebalancing your mouth, this contributes to healing and restoring your teeth and gums.

RESTORE A HEALTHY, NON-ACIDIC PH TO YOUR MOUTH: Overgrowth of "bad" bacteria produces unhealthy levels of acid in your mouth. This acid literally eats away at your teeth and gums as well as lowering your resistance to certain infections. Our oral probiotic blend hits acidic pH with a double whammy: one, they themselves produce alkaline pH and two, they knock out the bad guys and so reduce the bad guy's production of acidity.

REDUCE THE RISK OF EAR-NOSE-THROAT INFECTIONS: Clinical tests have shown that the bacteria contained in our blend, particularly the BLIS K12 and M18 strains, act like natural antibiotics by producing a protein that inhibits certain other bacteria from growing, this includes the Strep variants that are responsible for many ear-nose-throat infections.

BRING "BAD" BACTERIA UNDER CONTROL NATURALLY: Unlike harsh chemicals (bleach) and antibiotic, germicidal mouthwashes our oral probiotics work with nature's own systems to restore a healthy balance. Other approaches kill off bacteria broadly, the good and bad, and this can contribute to ongoing imbalances and temporary solutions rather than building a foundation of strong oral health.

HELP TO RESTORE HEALTHY GUMS AND TEETH: Your body is constantly trying to heal and repair itself. But when faced with constant attacks, think acidity and plaque buildup–for example, then all it can do is to defend, with no resources for repair and healing. By restoring a natural balance to your mouth, then your body can direct its energy to heal and repair. See our many testimonials for the excellent results people have obtained.

SUPPORTS A HEALTHY, STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM: A healthy balance of bacteria has been shown to really boost the body's ability to ward off illnesses, infections and disease. Additionally, ongoing gum disease has been linked to system-wide, weakened body immunity. By tackling oral disease one can help to remove this ongoing immune response trigger.

CAN HELP REDUCE ORAL THRUSH YEAST OVERGROWTH: Clinical studies have shown significant signs of improvement by the use of oral probiotics to control yeast overgrowth in the mouth.

How to Use

The oral probiotics are taken in two phases: initial build-up and then maintenance. Depending upon the severity of your oral issues, these phases can vary in length.

During the initial period they are best taken once in the morning and once before going to bed. They are best chewed and allowed to sit in the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute. Do not drink, eat, brush teeth or do anything to disturb the mouth for the next 30 minutes. It is important to give the probiotic microorganisms a chance to populate. 30 days is recommended for the initial build-up period, hence the 60 tablet packaging.

 The maintenance period is ongoing. Studies have shown that unlike intestinal probiotics, which can and do reestablish themselves after several months, oral probiotics require ongoing supplementation. For the maintenance period one tablet per day is all that is needed. At this stage, the use at night, after all brushing, flossing, drinking, etc, before bed is best.

Note: Our oral probiotics are highly effective at warding off many instances of sore throats and nasal infections. So, even when in the maintenance phase, you might find yourself in a situation, such as travel in an airplane, where you want to "proof up" against infection. Or when exposed to other sick people, feeling a bit low or a cold coming on, these can really help to either fight that infection off completely or cut it's "visit" short.

The Difference

MADE IN THE USA: For your trust and safety, our oral probiotic formula is 100% MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. Made to exacting standards in a premier manufacturing facility, our probiotics are made with the patented LIVEBAC® process for guaranteed potent active culture in each tablet that does NOT require refrigeration. We are so confident of our quality that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

TASTES GREAT, EFFECTIVE FORMULATION: Our chewable tablets have a clean, fresh taste. Unlike other cheap halitosis cures or bad breath treatments, these will not leave a metallic aftertaste or deaden your taste buds. To boost efficiency and results, we created a mild chalky texture, this specifically boosts adherence and penetration into the biofilm and bacterial colonies.


Top Quality Ingredients

After years of research and success delivering natural dentistry to thousands, Dr. Paul O’Malley developed this incredible probiotic blend that is packed with 7 potent strains of beneficial bacteria: The patented BLIS K12 and BLIS M18, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Lactobacillus Salivarius, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Thermophilus and Streptococcus Salivarius.

He also included two key ingredients that work to remineralize and repair the damage done to your teeth by years of acidic exposure.

Your oral probiotics are GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE* AND SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. Our oral probiotics are 100% FLUORIDE AND BLEACH FREE. All natural ingredients with NO artificial flavors or sweeteners.

*The bacteria is grown in a milk base and some trace amounts of milk proteins may be present, this product would not be suitable for anyone that is highly sensitive to any dairy product. (Note: Strict vegans please visit the FAQ section at for additional information on suitability)

Enamel safe

Dentist Formulated


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