Products to Help Prevent Thinning Enamel and Yellowing Teeth

April 30, 2021 2 min read

Thinner Enamel=Yellow and Dull Looking Teeth

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For a whiter smile, protecting your enamel is very important. As we grow older, our teeth often start looking yellow and tired. This happens as a result of our enamel (which is pretty darn white) thinning from erosion which now exposes the yellowish layer underneath. So, naturally your teeth will look yellower as your enamel layer gets thinner and weaker.

As a holistically based oral health company, we specialize in products to help keep your teeth healthy and strong, naturally. Part of this task is making sure that your enamel is protected with products that support the natural process of healing and repairing your teeth. Keeping them strong and healthy for life, is very much a part of our mission.

That being said, if your enamel is already heavily damaged then we recommend seeing your dentist as you may need intervention that goes beyond the scope of our products.

But, even so, there is no reason to not start using products to help keep your smile white and your oral health strong.

Here is a brief look at our products, how they work and what they can do for you.

 Use Oral Probiotics to Restore a Healthy Oral Bacterial Balance

When you drink or eat something and have particles left behind on your teeth, these particles become a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Bad bacteria produce acids, acids erode enamel and now your teeth look yellow.

Interesting fact, the beneficial bacteria in ouroral probiotics actually produce a natural whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, as a part of their life cycle.

Now, these aren’t like the powerful whiteners from your dentist, but they do help. Not bad when you also get the benefits from the billions of beneficial bacteria that help to prevent plaque, fight bad breath, and keep your teeth clean.

A Natural Approach to Controlling Bacterial Overgrowth and to Promote Fresher Breath

Most mouthwashes are anti-bacterial, meaning they aim to kill all bacteria in your mouth. This might sound like a good thing but it actually does more harm than good. Killing off ALL BACTERIA, both the good and bad, creates imbalances in your mouth over the long run and this contributes to more acids in your mouth.

As the acids wear away your enamel, your teeth turn yellow over time (the inside of your teeth start to show through the thinner enamel). The result is an unhealthier mouth and a yellow smile. 

An alternative are natural mouthwashes that are made with essential oil. These help suppress the bad bacteria while promoting the growth of good bacteria. This helps keep a strong population of good bacteria that can keep your mouth healthier, fresher, and brighter.

We hope you put these tips to use, keeping your teeth nice and white while still enjoying the foods and drinks you love! 

But, to effectively take care of your teeth, you can never go wrong with sticking to a healthy lifestyle and oral care routine.


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