June 24, 2014 2 min read

Oral probiotics may be the stuff of miracles, when it comes to total family oral care and the prevention of cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. It may also prevent the precipitation and severity of ear,nose, and throat infections.
Thankfully,People are becoming more aware of alternative healthcare options, especially in the realm of prevention.

Right now there are more than 4 Billion people world wide who have extensive gum disease and/ or cavities. We can put people in outer space, create intricate robotics, and computers, yet the epidemic of cavities and gum disease persist.

It is my opinion that the old model of trying to brush and swish and kill germs is only one side of the formula to eradicate these diseases. You see the bacteria that live in our mouth ,tongue,sinus and throat repopulate every 4-6 hours no matter how hard we kill them.

However, if we can eradicate them and add back the good ones they should inhibit and suppress the bad bugs from returning and taking hold.

This is in fact what happens when this approach is consistently applied.

I founded the company Great Oral Health to really help revolutionize the oral care industry. Our first product is the worlds most advanced and potent oral probiotic. This probiotic for the mouth is the simplest, fastest way to re-populate the oral environment with naturally occurring healthy bacteria.

My 7 strain formula will quickly bring balance and harmony to the good and bad bacteria with the former defeating the later. Guaranteed 3 billion at manufacture and 1 billion til expiration by using the patented livebac technology allows us to deliver whats promised with consistency.

Of course one should still brush,floss, and tongue scrape, but with my great tasting chewable oral probiotics the real miracles will occur!!!

Like what? Noticeably Fresher healthier breath,teeth, and gums. Less plaque and less inflamed gums if present. Some studies show that the bacteria that cause cavities,gum disease,and bad breath may be reduced by 80%!!

This is the most preventive formula I know of to date, so please don’t miss out on this first ever natural way to protect you and your family from the needless sufferings associated with gum disease, cavities and the embarrassment of bad breath.

Literally wake up feeling more refreshed as regards your breath and the taste and build up in your mouth, for now they are handled so easily and fast.
Please visit great oral health.com for more info and how to get your probiotic for the mouth to protect yourself and your family. It is time to put this epidemic to rest!!!!

Paul O’Malley DDS,FIADFE


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