July 14, 2014 2 min read

To Beat Bad Breath, Let Oral Probiotics Lead the Fight

Most adults will experience bad breath at some time in their lifetime. This is more likely to happen when their mouth dries out after a full night's sleep or after a long trip on a plane. But for many this malady is not a temporary dilemma.

“About 25 percent of people worldwide, however, have chronic foul breath.

Researchers around the world figured out years ago that gas-emitting bacteria on the tongue and below the gum line are largely responsible for rotten breath. But determining how best to eradicate these microbes' tenacious odors has been difficult.” – Scientific American

Moreover, some have to come to discover that traditional bad breath solutions have only offered temporary relief. Using mouthwash after every meal and brushing, and flossing one's teeth until they glisten like diamonds, will not address a case of stubborn halitosis. Other solutions have included scraping away any coating on the tongue, of which can improve the heinous nature of one's breath for a couple of hours. Recent evidence from international research suggests that the most effective strategy for beating back bad breath may be more about nurturing helpful bacteria in the mouth than about destroying nasty germs. Instead of singling out the evil sources of bad breath, microbiologists are now moving their focus to entire communities of microbes on the tongue, gum and teeth to figure out why some people have a better breath.

Introducing a Scientific Blend of Oral Probiotics

Great Oral Health now offers an oral probitotics product whose aim is to fight bad breath with providing a positive solution to the primary source of chronic bad breath: “Volatile Sulfur Compounds” (VSC) produced by bacteria. “By controlling these bacteria, we would be providing an effective and scientific-based solution to this age old problem of bad breath”, states founder, Dr. Paul O’Malley, DDS. Clinical tests have supported this logic. One such test, using a lozenge containing S. Salivaius K-12 (one of our ingredients) showed that this probiotic strain could significantly reduce VSC levels in 85% of the test subjects–quite impressive.

Several means by which probiotics work to control bad breath:

  • One, the probiotics compete with the existing bad bacteria and reduce their presence by “crowding them out”
  • Two, the probiotics produce BLIS or “bacteriocin-like-inhibitory-substances” which is a technical way of stating that a probiotic (bacteria) can produce substances that inhibit or kill other bacteria.
  • Three, by working to control gingivitis, gum disease and tooth decay these probiotics reduce the very sources of bacteria-generated odors in the mouth.
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