April 04, 2016 2 min read

BLIS M18 and Preventing Cavities

Are oral probiotics effective in preventing cavities, especially in children and young adults? This group of scientific researchers seem to think so and they found significant reductions in the key indicators that lead to cavities, plaque deposits and the presence of the S. Mutans strain of bacteria in the mouth.

The study was conducted by a team of research scientists in Italy to examine the effectiveness of the probiotic strain BLIS M18 as a preventive measure in reducing the incidence of dental caries (cavities) in at-risk patients.

Selected were a group of 76 children that were determined to be at-risk for the development of dental caries. The children were separated into two groups, both dissolved tablets in their mouths but only one group received tablets containing the oral probiotic BLIS M18. The children continued to take the tablets for 90 days, at which time results were measured.

The group taking the oral probiotic M18 saw a 50% reduction in the amount of dental plaque. Additionally, and quite importantly, this group also saw a 75% reduction in mutans streptococci-these are the bacteria that are closely associated with causing cavities. That was a huge result and improvement from a very simple daily action of sucking on a lozenge.

Here is what the researchers wrote:

“According to our results, 90 days treatment with this oral probiotic has increased the chances of avoiding new cavities in children”

They went on to discuss how the strain M18 actually releases bacteriocins (like natural antibiotics) that inhibit the growth of the S. Mutans bacteria. The M18 strain also releases enzymes that help to breakdown plaque and to balance the pH levels in the mouth.

As the researchers said “dietary supplementation with BLIS M18 significantly increases the chances of avoiding dental caries… ”

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