Our Family Pack of Oral Probiotics and OraRestore

Great Savings and Great Oral Health Ahead!

Save on the oral health essentials that you need to propel your family's teeth, gum and overall health ahead.

This package includes 2 bottles of Adult Oral Probiotics (Please choose if you want MINT, MINT & STRAWBERRY or just STRAWBERRY) with 60 tablets in each bottle and packed with SEVEN active strains of powerful beneficial bacteria. And you'll get 2 bottles of the Kid's Oral Probiotics, in a yummy strawberry/vanilla flavor.

Plus the package also includes a bottle of our potent essential oil oral treatment, OraRestore. It is all-natural and perfect for bacterial control and fresher breath. You can even use it as a liquid toothpaste or for an "instant" mouthwash when on the go–just a few drops in water and then gargle away. 

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