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Health professionals everywhere are now recognizing that optimal wellness is linked to oral health.

Great Oral Health Care ProductsWe take a holistic approach to restoring great oral health.

Our products are here to help you to help others to achieve a healthy mouth, mind and body.

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Health Professional Testimonials

Both as a dentist and as the owner of a professional dental lab, I have seen my fair share of gum disease and dental issues.

Rebuilding a mouth can be a very expensive and uncomfortable experience and so I was very interested in the potential of Advanced Oral Probiotics to fight gum disease and improve overall oral health.

So I began using these Advanced Oral Probiotics and have noticed a real improvement in the health of my gums.

Dr. James Hartzell

I have been using your probiotic tablets for the past three weeks.

The differences that I notice were I felt my teeth were cleaner, no residue on my teeth, the taste and smell of mouth changed.

My breath feels fresher and the taste in my mouth seems to be much better as well. Great job!

Kourosh Maddahi DDS

I have been using Great Oral Health oral probiotics for three months now.

As a medical doctor the approach made sense to me, and within just 3 days of use I noticed a total absence of morning breath.

After about two weeks of use I found I was occasionally forgetting to brush until later in the morning - that is because the usual nasty morning coating was absent. Medically this is called a "biofilm" and it consists almost entirely of stinky bacteria.

But I'm very excited about what this may mean for my dental health. Although the manufacturers make no such claim, I am certainly hoping that the dramatic change in my oral bacteria caused by use of this product will diminish or eliminate low level periodontal disease.

There is abundant medical evidence for the relationship of high levels of "bad" (and smelly) mouth bacteria to an increased risk of serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, pneumonia or giving birth to underweight babies, to name a few. Therefore I have urged my patients and family to take this effective oral probiotic.

Dr. Moria Dolan MD

I have used Dr O'Malley's chewable probiotics for five months now and have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of inter-proximal anaerobic bacteria, the type which causes oral malodor.

There is virtually no detectable odor after flossing between any of my molars, each of which has a full or partial coverage restoration.

My teeth also appear less stained and brighter even given the fact that I drink two to three cups of coffee per day!

Dr. Greco MD

After the first one or two weeks of taking this product I noticed a pleasant side effect.

The mild stiffness in my fingers each morning is now totally gone. I had changed nothing else, so I attribute it entirely to these supplements.

Dr. Lisa Benest

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Customer Testimonials

I've been using this oral probiotic for 8 months now as I wanted to be sure I really gave it time to work before rating it or giving up on it. I was half expecting for it to not work, but I'm really happy with the changes I've seen.

My gums no longer feel tender, like they did during my first cleaning in 7 years back in July, and my most recent cleaning in January went very well–minimal bleeding with the cleaning.

I can finally brush vigorously and multiple times a day without my gums getting sore.

I also rarely get that post-food white coating on my tongue or that fuzzy coating on my teeth that used to ALWAYS be there and would only go away by brushing. Now I wake up with my teeth feeling nice and smooth and my tongue looking nice and clean.

To boot, I haven't gotten sick since beginning to use this oral probiotic and I don't know if that's coincidence, as everyone else around me has gotten sick with colds and the flu, or if it's just luck.

I'm definitely going to continue to order this product either way.

Amazon Customer

My family blessed me with the sh*tty teeth gene–I’m only 29 and my gums have receded nearly to the bone due to gum disease.

I’m guilty of poor dental hygiene when I was younger and that considerably impacted the speed at which my gums receded. This has caused pockets in between my teeth and on my gum line making in nearly impossible to properly floss and remove all of the plaque.I noticed one day that my floss smelled horrible–I was so upset. I’ve been self conscious ever since.

I have a vigorous dental routine. I use Plax as a pre-rinse, I brush with Sensodyne Pronamel, I floss and then I use mouthwash. Once in a while I’ll use activated charcoal for whitening or to help with my bleeding gums.

Despite my efforts, my breath smelled, bad. I was feeling hopeless and I turned to Amazon for help. I read the reviews and they were SO positive that I was skeptical. I truly didn’t think anything could cure it. I received this yesterday and I’m absolutely blown away! I can not recommend this product enough. I read the instructions and it said that for severe cases, chew 2 at night and 2 in the morning until it improves. Because my gums are so bad, I can press against them and TASTE the bad breath. I chewed 2 and let it dissolve for about 30 seconds before I swallowed them. MINUTES later I could taste the difference. Did a breath check and it smelled SO SO SO much better.

Did the same thing afterbreakfast and coffee this morning. Worked like a charm! I’m so thankful to have found this oral probiotic. I’ll be sure to update but I guarantee I’ll be ordering more!!

Amazon Customer

I am very pleased with the product. I have had huge (~3 cm) ulcers on my tongue for over 6 months. I have been to 4 doctors; 3 of them specialists. I had prescription creams and oral steroids. I even had my tongue injected!

I was told they were a result of my tongue hitting my teeth. I tried making guards to cover my teeth. I even had a dentist make a custom guard (to the tune of $650!) Nothing has helped!

These probiotics are making a difference! At last!Nothing has helped as much as these probiotics.

I had never heard of ORAL probiotics before. With nothing to lose, I tried these. The ulcers are MUCH improved. They are even getting smaller! I am SO thankful!

I can also tell the difference in the amount of plaque on my teeth. It's a DRAMATIC difference. I usually scrape the extra plaque off my teeth with a sharp forceps before I brush my teeth to go out.

I had been sick for 2 weeks, so I hadn't scraped off the excess plaque for at least several days. (Of course, I still flossed and brushed as usual!) With my huge full spectrum light box on, my 10X mirror and my sharp tool in hand, I opened my mouth. I truly COULD NOT believe my eyes! there was NO excess plaque to scrape off!!!

WOW! I am amazed! Thank you!

Amazon Customer