How NASA Helped in Creating our Fluoride-Free & Natural Toothpaste

May 14, 2021 3 min read

To bust a myth, fluoride is not an unnatural substance but can be found in nature, in many foods, and even many water sources. As a chemical, it can be found in minute amounts in your body and as such it is not dangerous. But a little goes a long way and what is safe in small amounts is not necessarily safe in larger amounts.

The suspected problem is that as the intake of fluoride increases, particularly the synthetically produced fluoride found in oral products and that is added to our water supply, then this has led to many links to many potential health issues.

It helps if one understands how fluoride works to prevent cavities. In simple terms, it helps bond minerals back to your teeth.

The fluoride itself does not do anything, as your teeth do not need fluoride and fluoride is not a natural component of your enamel. But it assists the process of mineralization that then builds stronger enamel. Stronger enamel is better able to prevent cavities and so your teeth stay in better shape.

But what if you could accomplish the same, exact result (or even better results) by using an all natural solution without any of the potential dangers of putting unnecessary and synthetic fluoride in your body?

Well, you can.

Along with creating natural, innovative, and beneficial oral care products (like our Advanced Oral Probiotics) noted holistic dentist Dr. O’Malley began researching a new form of toothpaste that would protect teeth without the need for synthetic substances like fluoride. That substance is a mineral that is just as difficult to pronounce as it is good for your teeth: Nano-Hydroxyapatite.

“Nano” means super-small and “hydroxyapatite” is the form of calcium that your body uses naturally to form the hard enamel.

But, here is the secret of why nano-hydroxyapatite is so potent and effective:

  • Hydroxyapatite is natural and is what your body already uses as the main component of your teeth
  • All by itself, it would not bond to your teeth very well, if at all.
  • To create an effective "tooth mineralizer" you have to make the hydroxyapatite BIO-AVAILABLE. This means that something can be absorbed and used by your body.
  • By using a patented process of "nano-izing" the hydroxyapatite, it become highly bioavailable and can go right to work at mineralizing and strengthening your enamel and teeth.

So, what does all this have to do with NASA?

Well, NASA understood this, which is why they invented nano-hydroxyapatite to counter the bone and tooth density loss experienced by astronauts on zero-gravity missions. And by the same process of fighting the space-related bone loss, it also effectively binds to teeth enamel to build stronger, whiter teeth and significantly lower sensitivity levels.

We not only used this mineral into our OraRestore Pro Mineralizer Toothpaste but we took our formulation a bit further and integrated a unique and patented nano-technology that is specifically engineered for superior tooth mineralization.

This highly effective delivery system, (using ingredients called “nanoxim plus omyadent”) is a super-potent way to mineralize enamel and is clinically proven to deliver sensitivity relief. Plus, through research we found that to be effective in a toothpaste the percentage of nano-hydroxyapatite should be above 10%. It cost quite a bit more to do that, and made for some real production challenges, but we wanted to do it right–and we did it.

Also, as if NASA’s nano-hydroxyapatite wasn’t beneficial enough, we’ve also added xylitol to help prevent cavities, aloe vera for natural healing, sea salt to tighten gums, sodium bicarbonate for bacterial control, and loads of other healthy ingredients like zinc, tea tree oil, herbal, and fruit extracts.

And of course, just as important as what is in it, is what isn’t. Our toothpaste is completely free of fluoride, SLS, sulfates, and is, of course, GMO-free. Nano-hydroxyapatite has been providing excellent oral health care to astronauts for years and now, it can give our customers the same.

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